How can I race my geared CX bike as a single speed?

Here are simple tips on how you can convert your bike so it will be ready for your next single speed cyclocross race. Note: this was written with the express intent on getting as many people involved in the Lucha Libre Single Speed Championships on November 4th 2017 at the Mellow Johnny’s Cross of Ages. We will allow these single speed options at this event.

  1. Buy a single speed cyclocross bike. Throwing money at a solution almost always works.
  2. DI2 shifters … just unplug the main Juntion A wire and you are disconnected from shifting.
  3. SRAM shifters can be zip tied. Once your shifters are zip tied, you can’t shift .. so you are single-speed enabled. Pick a good gear before you zip it up.
  4. SRAM eTAP .. haven’t tried this, but if the batteries were removed from the derailleurs .. you should be single-speed ready.
  5. Shimano mechanical shifters: first block your front derailleur to the lower ring by turning the front derailleur set screw. And then find a spare rear wheel or use your own rear wheel to remove the cassette. Choose which cog that you want to use for the race and then you will add back the spacer plus get extra spacers to fill in the gaps. Then tighten the lockring. You will need extra spacers or a single speed kit may also have fancy spacers that you can use.

Check out this article at CX Magazine on single speed conversions.